Terms & Conditions

Except as otherwise agreed in writing by Ivaco Rolling Mills 2004 LP (“IRM”), IRM is conducting business under the terms and conditions at the links below. Any co-contractor, including but not limited to suppliers, contractors and customers (each a “Co-Contractor”) agrees to be bound by the applicable terms and conditions at the links below. Any other terms and conditions contained in any Co-Contractor notice, counterproposal, quotation, purchase order, specification, order acknowledgement or similar documents are hereby expressly rejected. Each Co-Contractor waives any rights it may have to rely on such terms and conditions.

Additionally, each Co-Contractor acknowledges and confirms that it has read IRM’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, a copy of which is available at the link below, and agrees to perform its contractual obligations in accordance with such Code and that it will do nothing to cause IRM to be in violation of such Code.

Terms and Conditions of Sales

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (English)