Making a Difference

At Ivaco Rolling Mills, we are dedicated to maintaining an environmentally friendly workplace and we are committed to the conservation and protection of the environment.


Ivaco Rolling Mills has adopted an Environmental Management Information System (EMIS) which focuses on reducing utility costs and encouraging continuous improvement in energy management and energy awareness. This EMIS system focuses on three pillars: People, Systems and Technology. Since the implementation of the EMIS system, Ivaco Rolling Mills continues to realize significant success in energy savings, productivity, quality improvements and environmental benefits.

Ivaco Rolling Mills and its employees share in the responsibility of reducing the amount of waste generated at all levels throughout the Company. From the reduction of paper consumed throughout the offices to the diminished consumption of diesel fuel through the modification of our scrap management system, all opportunities for improvement are being addressed.


Ivaco Rolling Mills takes great efforts in focusing on the reuse of its resources to maintain a balanced relationship with our surrounding environment. These efforts can be seen throughout the Company. Our water treatment system is a prime illustration of how Ivaco Rolling Mills is able to continually reuse the cooling water that is utilized throughout the steelmaking process. Managing this reusable resource in a controlled manner ensures a healthier environment for the future.


Ivaco Rolling Mills has initiated and continues to maintain several recycling programs within the organization. The Company has invested both time and money to promote awareness among all employees. Infrastructure has been put in place to facilitate the recycling of all disposable products on site, including oil, wood, paper and batteries, to name a few.

Ivaco Rolling Mills understands the significance of their role in supporting a healthy environment through the continual management and control of its policies.


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