The new Continuous Caster is up and running ! We are proud to show off our most recent investment.

Caster Up-Grade

We finished installation and are very pleased with the success of the project.
With this new piece of equipment we have :

  • increased our billet section to 160mm2,
  • increased tundish size to 20 metric tons to facilitate inclusion flotation
  • we have an automatic control of both ladle and tundish levels
  • we have submerge entry nozzles
  • new system for mould level control
  • 4 spray zones, including 2 air mist to reduce internal stresses and surface reheating during cooling
  • Individual billet weighing process control to predict heat separation

We are currently producing more sophisticated grades with great success!
We continue to supplying the highest quality billets.


Ivaco Rolling Mills and the Environment! IRM plays an important role in the community of Champlain.

Emission Control System also known as our “BAG HOUSE

This major investment had no financial return to the company but confirmed a more significant return being the health of people.
This huge structure was an extensive project that uses up a big portion of Ivaco owned space.
Here are a few benefits of the New Emission Control System:

  • Provides compliance to regulatory requirements – current and future
  • The Canopy above the Electric Arc Furnace is double in size – capturing a larger quantity of fumes and emissions
  • Eliminates soil contamination around the bag house
  • Improves employee work environment – Safety and Health

Individual coil weight on tags! To remain a dominant player in the industry we need to evolve with new and improved equipment to meet customer needs.

Our customer base has been asking for a while now.

Individual coil weights on tags

                We are very excited about this new investment.

                We are currently in the set up stage of identifying location of weighing station on our production line.

                Scale installation and calibration is on the list of priorities.

                New tagging equipment is being ordered.


                Stay tuned for our progress.