Rod Mill

Ivaco Rolling Mills a trusted quality product

With an annual capacity of approximately 900,000 tons, IRM produces a wide variety of grades of which over 80% are destined for sophisticated Cold Heading, High carbon and Weld applications. Supported by both EAF(Electric Arc Furnace) and BOF(Basic Oxygen Furnace) sourced billets, IRM is well positioned to satisfy the evolving needs of our customers.

Reducing – sizing mills on both strands provide exceptional size control, tensile uniformity and required descalability ensuring optimal quality.

Our current grade and size matrix is illustrated in the guidelines below, however IRM remains committed to developing new products in conjunction with customer needs.


Diameter Range
4.75mm to 25.5mm

Diameter Tolerances
AISI-Half Tolerance may be available upon request

Mechanical Properties
We produce to ASTM Standards and/or customer specifications

Surface scale suitable for either chemical or mechanical descaling

Grain Types
Silicon-killed coarse grain (SKCG), Aluminum-killed fine grain (AKFG), Aluminum or Vanadium-treated grain refined (SKFG).


Carbon Grades

Alloy Grades
1300 Series
1500 Series
4000 Series
4100 Series
5000 Series
5100 Series
6000 Series
8600 Series
9200 Series

Boron Grades


Cold Heading
Cold Rolling
Cold Finishing
High Carbon
Deep Drawing
Wool Wire
Coiled Rebar



Coil Parameters

Coil Weight
3360 lbs
4160 lbs
4770 lbs
6090 lbs
Inside Diameter
37 inches
37 inches
37 inches
37 inches
Outside Diameter
48 inches
48 inches
48 inches
48 inches
Approx Coil Length
5.5 - 10.5 mm Dia.
38-44 inches
47-52 inches
53-59 inches
69-77 inches
Approx Coil Length
11 - 19.5 mm Dia.
40-46 inches
48-54 inches
54-60 inches
70-78 inches
Approx Coil Length
19.6 - 23.8 mm Dia.
40-46 inches
48-56 inches
54-61 inches
70-80 inches
Coil parameters are approximate and may vary depending on diameter, grade and quality. Each coil is automatically compacted and tied with four tie wires.