Steel Plant

Investing in a quality product

The high speed three strand, 75 ton heat casting capacity allows for added flexibility in producing a wide variety of customized grades. Recent upgrades to the steel plant have led to significant improvements in both efficiency and productivity, while improving our reputable quality. Our certified chemical laboratory was the first steelmaking facility in the world to be registered by NVLAP in accordance to the Fastener Quality Act.

Billet Dimensions

160mm X 160mm
Various lengths: 25.6 feet to 46 feet ( 7.8 meters to 14.0 meters)


Carbon Steels – 1008 through 1084 – ASTM Specification
Alloy Steels – 13XX- 15XX- 4XXX- 5XXX- 8XXX
Boron Steels
Welding Steels